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Resubmitting the same event form with a change of dates. 

Our proposed fundraiser consist of primarily tabling to receive orders for "12 count Krispy Kream Doughnuts". We will be taking pre-orders Monday through Thursday.

The delivery of the purchased boxes of doughnuts will be held the Friday of the tabling week. A separate event form and temporary food health waiver will be submitted for Friday's doughnut delivery tabling. Only fraternity members with a valid food handlers permit and clearance from Jasmeet from EH&S will be allowed to table for Friday's events.

Our second objective is to promote our bingo card fundraiser in which participants are given the option of performing their challenges written on their assigned bingo cards in person. We hope that by having both fundraisers running simultaneously we can promote to and attract a greater number of students. All participants will consist of active members who have signed a waiver. I have attached a copy of our proposed bingo card. The dare activities consist of:

$1 Activities:
  • Pie a Brother- buyer will put shaving cream on a plate and will pie a brothers face. 

  • Turkeyaoke- buyer will select an appropriate song for the brother to sing. Brothers will sing for 30 seconds. There will be no mic, so everyone at the table must remain quiet for 30 seconds. If brothers would like to join in and sing along, please go ahead.  If the brother does not know the song, they will have to use the karaoke version of the song on YouTube. Brothers will sing in front of our table and will be recorded for the IG story. (Speaker will be present)

  • Getting Stuffed- brother will have to put on 15 shirts and cannot stop. The shirt sizes will range from s-xxl. There is a specific order of the shirts. The order goes: s, medium, large, small, xl, xxl medium, small, large, xs, large, small, medium, xl, and xs.  This will be recorded for the IG story. 

$3 Activities:

  • Ball’d up- buyer will throw a water balloon (if it is not cold weather) or an egg ( if it is cold weather). No head shots, and the brother will get hit on their back. It will be recorded for the IG.

  • Turkey wrap- buyer will have 1 minute to wrap a brother in saran wrap. Brothers are able to help the buyer wrap their person of choice. This will be recorded for the IG story. 

  • Potato sack- buyer will choose a brother to step in a pillowcase and bunny hop on the grass. It will be a good distance for bunny hopping. Distance is yet to be determined(depends if the grass is wet or not). If it’s wet, we will replace it with the activity Chubby Bunny. We will not allow any potato sack hopping on concrete (Scholar’s Lane)  due to people hurting themselves by failing.  Risk management will not be present during this event. This will be recorded for the IG story. 

$5 Activities:
  • Doubled stuffed- its like pie a brother but buyer will get two pies instead of one. This will be recorded for the IG story. 

  • Waxing strip- Buyer will wax a brother (Only be a Theta Tau Brother)This will be recorded for the IG story. 

  • 30 shirts- Brother will have to put on 30 shirts that varies in different sizes (xs-xxl). In order to protect our brothers from claustrophobia, we will cut the collar of the shirts to ensure there’s enough space for breathing. Brothers who volunteer must be okay with putting on all of the shirts. If brother decides not to perform this dare, Chubby Bunny will be the alternative dare. This will be recorded for the IG story. 

None of the challenges are forced onto anyone and replacement challenges are available for any uncomfortable activity a participant does not wish to participate in. A clean up time period will be allocated at the end of each day and all activities will be performed in the grass area.

Learn more at http://ucmerced.presence.io/event/krispy-kreme-fundraiser-bingo-card-fundraiser

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