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Parallel Lipoplex Folding Pathways Revealed Using Magnetic Tweezers: Physics seminar

Lecture/Seminar - Natural Sciences | June 18 | 3-4 p.m. | Science and Engineering Building 1, S&E 300

 5200 North Lake Rd, Merced, CA 95343

Zhiqiang Sun


Magnetic tweezers are a powerful tool in the investigation of single molecule DNA interaction with protein or polymer. Lipid-coated DNA nanoparticles (lipoplexes) are a potential gene delivery tool with promising therapeutic applications.

The mechanism of lipoplex assembly remains poorly understood. In this approach, we explored DNA packing by a cationic lipid DSTAP (distearoul trimethylammonium-propane). It showed that lipoplex folding occurs via two parallel pathways even at the single molecule level.

The progress through the two pathways can be monitored in real time using single DNA manipulations. The relative efficiency of the two pathways can be varied by external conditions.

Professor Jing Xu,, 209-228-4058

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