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CALPIRG ESC Summer Term of Service: Educate children, train community members and provide upgrades for local nonprofit organizations

Special Events - Community Service | June 2 |  Los Angeles

CALPIRG Energy Service Corps

You can become an AmeriCorps member and earn an educational award this summer helping teach people about energy savings.

CALPIRG Energy Service Corps Summer Term of Service offers the opportunity to educate children, train community members and provide upgrades for local nonprofit organizations.

Candidates must be dedicated, passionate and motivated to make a difference while taking on leadership roles on local projects.

The Energy Service Corps is working across California to tackle overuse of energy this summer, starting by educating children to help them understand about energy, the environment and what they can do to create a better world.

We’re also helping their parents and neighbors save energy and money through quick energy surveys to help them find savings and connect them to local resources.

To get communities started, we’ll help local shelters and community centers start saving right now by organizing volunteers to come together to seal up cracks around windows and doors, change out old light-bulbs and do other hands-on projects to stop energy waste right away.

Our members take on leadership roles in every aspect, from teaching local school children with fun and interactive lessons about energy and the environment and leading energy surveys of local buildings, to bringing together community groups, VIPs, volunteers and the media around big service projects.

This year, our corps members will educate 30,000 kids and arm 7,500 people with the tools they need to save energy and the environment.

Candidates must be able to complete a minimum of 300 hours of service between June 2 and Aug. 31.

Accepted applicants will receive a $1,208 education award upon completion of the term through AmeriCorps. The education award may be used to pay for school or to pay off qualified student loans, and is good for seven years.

All applications will be reviewed and qualified candidates will be interviewed. All enrolled members are required to attend an orientation.

For more information, contact Corie Radka at or 714-600-6706.


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