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Mid-Infrared Colloidal Quantum Dots: Chemistry seminar

Lecture/Seminar - Natural Sciences | May 3 | 3-4 p.m. | Classroom Building, COB 267

 5200 North Lake Rd, Merced, CA 95343


Join Professor Philippe Guyot-Sionnest from the University of Chicago for a chemistry seminar entitled "Mid-Infrared Colloidal Quantum Dots."

Monodispersed colloidal quantum dots of Cd (S,Se,Te) and core/shells have been extensively researched over the past 20 years. However, their potential applications based on the size-tunable visible fluorescence compete with already very efficient molecular fluorophores.

In the near-infrared, beyond 0.8 micron, the excited state lifetimes of molecular dyes drops dramatically because of fast energy transfer to molecular vibrations while quantum dots, such as the Pb (S,Se) retain long lifetimes and more efficient luminescence. These materials are currently broadly applied in photovoltaic research.

In the mid-infrared, beyond 2.7 microns, defined by the onset of fundamental molecular vibrations, organics cannot compete with the intraband or interband transition of colloidal quantum dots.

Guyot-Sionnest will describe studies of the photophysics of the materials in the mid-infrared, including the search for the phonon bottleneck, some mysteries of Auger relaxation and his current applied project on potentially cheap mid-infrared detectors based on all inorganic HgTe quantum dots solids.

Professor Anne Kelley,, 209-228-4345

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